Your Choice: Gratitude is an Attitude

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On November 27, 2019

In the U.S., we assign one day specifically for gratitude.  And what do they serve us at dinner? Turkey! Some people may be grateful for that, but others might prefer another dish.  No matter – but that is really the essence of gratitude. It’s a choice. People choose to be happy . . . or not. Let’s take a look at this attitude of gratitude and see what fits.

Gratitude for Me

How happy are you with your own personal details?  Too often we have an internal voice yammering and complaining about this or that.  If only my hair would stay glued on. If only my legs looked like I ran marathons. If only my car were a brand new sports car.  If only there were no weeds in my yard. And on and on it goes. Quick! Make a list. Write down 10 things about yourself that you are grateful for.  Need help? Ask someone who loves you. Do that right before you ask for more mashed potatoes and gravy.

Gratitude for You

You’ve got people in your inner circle.  They are often the ones who see the worst of you while trying to focus on the best of you.  What do we do in return? Since we spend so much time with these folks, after awhile, we may start stewing.  She drives me crazy when she [fill in the blank]. Why in the world can’t he [fill in the blank]. It doesn’t matter who she or he might be – sister, son, brother, daughter, mother, father, or spouse or other.  Too much can be too much! Quick! Make a list! Write down 10 things about them that you are grateful for. Need help? Ask them. They’ll know exactly what could be on that list. Do that right before you ask for more cranberry relish.

Gratitude for All the Rest of It

Your life has many more details.  Sometimes we compare those with the details other people have.  Guess what? Things may look hunky-dory with our colleagues, neighbors, and friends – but we don’t know the whole story.  Sure – maybe their house is bigger, their salary is larger, their car is faster – but the monthly payment they make on their credit card might be four times what you pay.  Everyone has something that isn’t quite right. Something they’d trade with you in a heartbeat. You guessed it. Quick! Make a list. Write down 10 things about your life’s details that you are grateful for.  Need help? Open your eyes. Look around. Do that right before you ask for another slice of pumpkin pie.  

Gratitude really is just an attitude.  Here are some things all of us at Online Sales Pro are grateful for.  We love what we do. We love working with each other. And we love working with our customers.  Talk about an attitude of gratitude. We wish the same for you and the folks in your inner circle.  Take this one day to be grateful and look around – whether you eat turkey, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, or not.  Reflect on your life and see it sunny-side-up. 

And while you’re at it – if you’d be even more grateful if business were better, give digital marketing with Online Sales Pro a try.  More than 78,000 folks have done that – and primed their own economy.  Nothing like success to boost the attitude of gratitude!

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