Networking Works for You

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On December 4, 2019

Interacting with others and sharing concepts and perspectives can infuse your ideas with power and light.  How? Networking can help you uncover NEW ideas. That doesn’t mean that you are just learning from others.  You are also learning from yourself. Ideas make connections. One idea sparks another which sparks another – and somehow several minds can come up with a whole new outlook.  When you add the element of having a common interest – your business or profession – you can cultivate new ideas and develop productive relationships with others. How can you make networking work for you?  Let’s look at some of those ways.

Talk to Others

We all have a circle of friends and family.  We know each other well, and we’re comfortable with the give-and-take of these relationships.  That’s not enough. To come up with new ideas, it’s essential to connect with new people. How do you meet these folks?  Visit local business clubs or professional organizations. Travel to conventions which focus on your business or profession.  Join groups online to banter about current concerns and effective strategies. Go to a workshop or take a class at the local community college.  Expand your social circles and learn more about what others know about. Ask for business cards for future contact. Make networking work FOR you.

Talk to Yourself

As odd as it may seem, once you’ve networked with others, it’s best to spend time sorting through the details by yourself.  Jot down notes about the points that were made. Consider making changes to your usual way of doing things. Write down a checklist of action items for you to consider.  Make a list of questions you have. Do all of this fancy footwork as a solo act. Once your pen runs dry, look over your notes and get in touch with someone you recently met.  Plan on getting together for lunch, so that you can discuss what you’ve learned along the way. Make networking work IN you.

Talk to Newcomers

Once you’ve put these ideas into place, share them with others.  Those new to the scene are eager to learn from more seasoned folks.  Choose one of those to mentor, sharing your ideas and explaining your rationale.  Seek out other venues where business-minded folks meet. Be friendly, shake a lot of hands, and smile.  Push away any hesitations you have and reach out. Call the local high schools that offer business classes and let them know you are available to talk to a class about running a business.  Express yourself and share your experience and expertise. Make networking work BEYOND you. 

There’s always something new to learn about business.  Networking is like getting a walk-around MBA. By learning from others, you can add some spark to your own ventures.  If you want to turbo-charge your business, come join all of the friendly folks here at Online Sales Pro.  We’ll show you how you can network with new online customers and build your business with digital marketing.  Join our Facebook group and network with others who are putting OSP to work for them. Connections made. Bottom line improved.  Make networking work AROUND you.  We can tell you:  there’s nothing like it!

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