Where Work is Fun

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On July 23, 2019

You know where it’s fun to work?  Here at Online Sales Pro! Okay, no – only Jordan catches a cat-nap on the beach every afternoon, but the rest of us stay in the office to have fun.  After researching various lists of ways to have fun at work, the verdict is in: the items common to half a dozen lists are encouraged right here at Online Sales Pro.  Let’s take a look at a few of our favorites to see if you can use them, too.

Celebrate the Special Days

When someone on the team has a birthday, we are not quiet about it.  Short of a marching band with dancing tubas, our celebration makes sure our teammate is glad to age a year.  We sing off-key, we order a favorite lunch, and dessert is some grandiose dessert with a tease and a joke written in icing.  With all of our pranks and antics, we make sure that teammates know we care.

Celebrate the Special Ways

Anyone who has interacted with Joel, one of our founding partners, knows that the twinkle in his eye may be the only warning you get.  Just think of his popular Facebook Lives over the years! He encourages our customers to get involved with contests and giveaways, laughs and smirks.  This guy tells stories and lets people know who he really is – and he’s having fun with it all, too. Often you’ll even hear him laugh at his own jokes.  With all of his talks and videos, we make sure that customers know we care.

Celebrate the Special Praise

When someone does something extra in the office or does something mundane but adds a special touch, we make sure to recognize that.  Mind you, it might be something simple like a response with an animated gif, or maybe it’s a comment at a team meeting where the person is recognized in a more formal way.  We have more fun at work, because we know that not only will we feel that sense of accomplishment when we’ve completed a task, but our work will not go unnoticed. With kudos and thanks, we make sure that our teammates know we care.

How does all of this sum up?  It’s about celebrating those around us and keeping the spirits light.  It’s about taking ourselves less seriously and others more seriously. It’s about approaching a task with a smile and smiling at others when they’ve completed theirs.  When people feel appreciated, they add their own sense of fun to the mix. Here at Online Sales Pro, we’ve learned that even though we work long hours and get all sorts of things done together, when we mix in some mirth and mischief to the matter, we all have so much more fun at work!

It’s not all fun and games, though – and here’s proof.  We’ve got a lead-generating tool that can put a serious spin to your business.  We work hard to provide the best for our customers – product, training, service, and support.  Come see for yourself! Discover Online Sales Pro.

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