Being Mindful

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On November 22, 2019

People talk about being mindful as an ideal state of consciousness.  What is it? Those in the know call it the basic ability we all have to live in the present tense.  To be aware of where we are and what we’re doing. To be in the moment with a mild approach to the details – not overreacting or perhaps not reacting at all.  Because of that, this practice sounds like it would also be good for business, so let’s find out more about it.

What is the Goal of Mindfulness?

Our waking hours place us right in the thick of our world.  Mindfulness allows us time to regroup, to steer clear of the angst and anxiety of daily life, and to connect with what is around us.  Evidence shows that the benefits of practicing mindfulness can help with stress, pain, depression, insomnia, and high blood pressure. We take a break from those thoughts which drain us:  the bombardment of plans, problems, and negative thoughts which create chaotic mental cycles. Mindfulness helps us observe our thoughts and feelings without judgment, directing our attention to other things.  It might be as simple as following the path of a dandelion’s wispy seeds that allows us to marvel in the moment.

Focusing on what is outside of us instead of the thoughts and feelings rushing around inside us can help us to improve our attention span and our ability to relax.  Most importantly, it allows the mind time to relax, to spend what may seem like an idle moment, but one that rests and recuperates our state of being.

How Does One Tune into Mindfulness?

First of all, make time for it.  Without time and space, other events will crowd out the practice of mindfulness.  Stop time and focus on letting go of your focus. Pay attention. Observe. Take deep and measured breaths.

Take note of any thoughts that contain judgment.  You can always return to those after your mindfulness session.  Your mind may wander to thoughts that surface. That’s normal. Don’t react to those or even to the fact that your mind is wandering.  Instead, coax your thoughts back to the present moment. Just pause and breathe. Once your perspective has been refreshed and your thinking renewed, lift up your gaze to end the session.

Practice mindfulness whenever you have a chance to pause.  Perhaps you have just completed a phone call. Before you go on to the next task on your checklist, just stop and allow your senses to make you aware of what is around you and what is going on inside you.  Take the pulse of how you are feeling right then and there and acknowledge that. Practice mindfulness on a daily basis for the maximum benefit.

Are There Any Mindfulness Exercises to Practice?

The list may seem simple.  Pay attention.  When you are having a meal, use all five senses to experience a bite.  Accept yourself.  Talk to yourself as you would a close friend.  Focus on what you do well rather than where improvement is needed.  Focus on your breathing. Take deep refreshing breaths.  Pay attention to the rhythm of your body.  Use any of these three techniques when a negative thought has your mind’s microphone.  Chase it away with a minute of mindfulness.

For longer sessions, here are a few that will help you slip out of the monkey-mindedness of the moment and relax you into a better presence of mind.  Total Body Relaxation.  Elevate your focus on each part of your body starting with your toes and moving up to the top of your head.  Consciously relax any tight muscles you find along the way. Guided Meditation.  Videos found online will soften your circumstances with calming photography or soothing sound.  Start with a 10-minute meditation and move toward 30 or more minutes.  Ambulatory Session.  Walk through a nearby park or woods and use all five senses to experience your surroundings.  Or keep a consistent pace while taking the turns through a local labyrinth. When stray thoughts disturb your meditation, take note and refocus.

Being mindful gets us in better touch with ourselves and what is around us.  We’ve got software that will get you in better touch with your business and everything associated with it.  Online Sales Pro offers a mindful way to boost your business to the next level.  Check out this complete system that helps you be mindful of your leads, inbound marketing, and sales.  Using Online Sales Pro and all that it offers will exercise mindfulness for your digital marketing business!

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