Picture's Up!

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On July 26, 2019

Picture’s up! 1 – 2 – 3 – Action! Aside from ghastly home movies of yesteryear, creating a film took Hollywood’s directors, producers, actors, and more. Not any more! You can be the star yourself and create your own video! Why would you want to do that? Because your customers will love it! Best yet, you can do all of this with not much more than a smart phone! So let’s take a look at what you should think about before you cry out, “We’re ready to roll!”

Figure Out What You Want to Say

Some people can do improv and pull it off, making it look like they’ve been rehearsing this part for years . . . but most people cannot. Assume that you are in the latter category. Plan your script. You don’t need to write it out word-for-word – because there’s little that is worse than being read to. Instead, rough out an outline highlighting the main points you want to make. Maybe you’re showing your customers how to use the product. Figure out which tips and techniques are the most important, and focus on those. Your video will help your customers know what to do.

Figure Out What You Want to Do

Unless you have a director and a stage manager, you’ll need to do their work for them. Ask yourself some questions to get a grip on it. Are you going to show how to use the product right there in front of the camera? Are you going to explain a process and occasionally cut to a list of steps? Are you going to interview those who use your product so your newest customers can see and hear testimonials from seasoned users? Whatever you are going to do in your video, sketch it out so that you won’t need to say wearily, “Take 42.” Your video will help your customers know how to do it.

Figure Out Why You Want to Do It

You must have a purpose in mind or your video will slip into the wretched Home Movie category. Let’s be honest. Most all of us would rather watch a video than read a blurb, but even so, you want your reason for creating the video to become your customer’s reason for viewing it. Maybe folks have been confused about how to use a new feature that was just released. Perhaps you have exciting news about an upcoming conference, so details will be highlighted in your video. Whatever the reason, make sure that it justifies the time and effort that it will take to make a polished, streamlined video. Help your customer know why to do it.

Even if you are a rookie at both acting and filming, you might discover that you have a real knack for this. Act natural. Smile at the camera-phone. Explain things comfortably. If appropriate, allow your sense of humor to surface. Enjoy yourself along the way.

Here at Online Sales Pro, we know how effective videos can be, Our website has a number of training videos so that our customers can easily learn how to use our lead-generation and mobile CRM software platform. Here’s the best news of all. Online Sales Pro makes it easy for you to include your video in your opt-in page for potential customers. It’s super simple. Easy-peasy. It’s included in templates that are ready for our customers to use. So, go ahead – get out the microphone and the spotlight, and let’s let the camera roll.

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