Creative Marketing Makes It Fun

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On September 20, 2018

Do you remember when you were young, going to the dentist wasn’t so bad?  Why? Because often you got a toy or a piece of candy after the visit. Now that’s some creative marketing:  keep them coming back! When promoting your product or service, think of ways you can make it fun for your clientele and potential customers.  Matching the marketing technique with something fun will make people WANT to be your customers – just like this boy after his visit to the dentist.  Let’s see how.

Marketing Technique #1:  Show People and Make It Fun

Research shows that people remember what they see, but rarely what they read.  Those aren’t good odds! So, when you are marketing your product or service, be sure to show them.  Add pictures that get the idea across, but perhaps put a twist of humor in it. Guess what is being promoted here in the picture below?  No, it’s not the local fried chicken place down the street, but you’re close. The neighborhood farm sells eggs and chickens at a roadside stand!  People won’t forget this picture – and because of that, they won’t forget the product!

Marketing Technique #2:  Write to People and Make It Fun

There are so many ways to talk to people about your product or service!  One way is to create blogs, just like this one. Did you know that more people are influenced to purchase by blogs than by magazines?  Why? People don’t want to read too much. Get right to the point. Tell them something they need to know – or want to know – and be sure to add an image.  You’ll get 94% more views that way. Add some humor to the blog with a relevant picture. Did you know that if you blog more than 15 times a month, you’ll get 5 times the amount of traffic?  That certainly might make it worth doing – and make it fun! Just look at the way this blogger encourages readers to ride a bike to work.

Marketing Technique #3:  Tell People and Make It Fun

Get into video!  That’s right. Get fresh, pick a nice background, and create a video.  It’s not hard to make a video nowadays – it can even be done using a smartphone!  By adding a link on your landing page to your marketing video, you can increase conversions by over 80%. It gets even better – you’ll get so much more interest with a video, and in fact, videos get more than 250% more views than text posts.  How can you make it fun? Enjoy yourself – talk like you normally do – be sincere about your product or service – tell stories – smile – and every now and then, use your sense of humor. Connect up with Online Sales Pro on Facebook and check out the team’s weekly Facebook Lives.

More about Fun

Let’s face it – a life void of fun really isn’t worth much at all.  Put a little fun into promoting your product or service – and you’ll make it fun for your customers to buy from you, to keep coming back!  Not only that, you will enjoy your own marketing techniques – and their results! This little girl knows how to live – so allow her to remind you how to market!

For more marketing techniques, check out the guides like Social Media Essentials that we have for our clients at Online Sales Pro. You’ll learn so much along the way, and we’re pretty sure that you’ll have fun doing it!  

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