Staying Upbeat on the Downbeat

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On September 27, 2018

Let’s face it:  success in sales can be affected by what people see on our face – literally or figuratively.  How many customers want to buy something from a grump? So, how do we keep feeling upbeat even when times might be tough and downbeat?  Other than using a watermelon as a smile, let’s see what else can be done.

Upbeat Task #1:  Figure It Out

Give your business a quick once over.  Are you keeping in close touch with your customers?  How is your marketing campaign? Do you have your finger on the pulse? Recharge your business battery by doing something fun!  A realtor in town packages goodies each month for her customers who have yet to find their dream homes. For September, she attached her business card with curly ribbon to a mug filled with sweet tea bags and silk multi-colored leaves.  This simple gift reminded customers of her efforts and autumn’s cooler weather!

Upbeat Task #2:  Identify a Positive

Sometimes when skies are gray and sales are low, we spiral into negative thinking.  Those chill the spirit and need to be warmed up with something positive. Reflect and focus on what is going right!  Did you meet someone recently who just loved your product and service? Give that person a call or an email – ask for a referral.  Did your last ad get noticed by new customers with its bright colors and sassy hook? Repeat an effort like that with a new twist and update.  Have you gotten your home office more organized and can find things in an instant? There’s certainly some glory in that!

Upbeat Task #3:  Say Thanks

Ironically, appreciation generates thanks! People love being thanked – we all do! So, how can you thank your customers?  Do you have a sale coming up? News of a product that will wow them? Give them first dibs.  Reward them for being loyal. Keep tabs on their preferences and interests and give them a way to get more – and because of your attitude of gratitude, they can do so before everyone else.  Thank them and they will be thanking you. Give them what they want and they’ll spread the word.

Hey!  What About Me?

That’s well and good – an article about keeping a business endeavor upbeat.  What about me? Let’s apply these marketing boosts to you, too. Figure it out:  if you are feeling blue, find out why.  Narrow it down. Is it something you can fix?  If not, is there some other change you can make it so you don’t focus on it so much?  Identify a positive:  what do you like best about your life right now – what is going well?  What is something you’ve learned lately? What changes have you made? Say thanks:  that attitude of gratitude ripples outward.  What are you grateful for? What makes you smile?
Now that you’ve got that smile on your face, keep it on there – even when it may feel like a watermelon up close to your face.  Remember the nugget of wisdom Dale Carnegie shared long ago: “If you want to be enthusiastic, act enthusiastic.” By convincing others, you’ll convince yourself.  Carnegie also reminds us that “We determine our happiness. It is governed by our mind.” So, keep that in mind and think happy thoughts. And lastly, “Everything you do sends a message.  Determine the message you want to send the world.” Mull over all of this – smile in the mirror – and keep that chin up. Thoughts become things, guys. 
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