This Tree's Lesson about Customers

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On October 4, 2018

Ever looked at a tree to learn more about customers?  Perhaps not! By the end of this blog article, this tree will help us see more clearly about the six basic needs of our customers.  With each section, be sure to look at the tree and reflect on the lesson to help it all sink in deeper.


There’s nothing as friendly as the shade of a tree on a sunny day.  This tree offers a place for us to sit on a bench in the shade. That’s often all a customer wants – a friendly gesture, a way to help, some rest outside of the usual daily scurry.  Think of ways to offer more friendliness to your customers.

Understanding & Empathy

This tree apparently decided to grow horizontally, but someone gave a helping hand so the tree could continue growing up toward the sky.  We all need help sometimes. We want those around us to listen to us and to understand what we need. Your customers want that, too. Think of ways to offer understanding and empathy to your customers.


This tree may have envied the one across the street with its straight trunk and outstretched branches.  It may not seem fair that its gnarly trunk leaned over instead. Customers seek for fair costs of products and services.  They want to be treated with our best service, to feel as though our focus is on them, and to know that we are being honest with them.  Think of ways to offer even more fairness to your customers.


The roots of this tree keep it in place, a fixed landmark on this corner of the world.  Customers need a sense of control. They want to be able to answer questions and to get honest answers from us.  They make reasonable requests, looking for us to work with them, helping them get what they need. We want to become a fixed landmark in their world.  Think of ways to help your customers have more of a sense of control.

Options & Alternatives

This tree will look different throughout the year.  Leaves will change color – and later they will drop.  New leaves will appear and branches will multiply. The tree offers shade under it or a chance to climb up to sit in its branches.  Customers appreciate it when we make suggestions, when we let them know about our products and services and their competitive edge. Customers want choices – and when they have reviewed others out there and choose ours, they will be lifelong and loyal.  Think of ways you can explain options and alternatives to your customers.


This tree has many branches.  Each limb provides a different perspective, a different outlook.  The tree stretches up above the ground and can give a larger view of it all.  Likewise, when we are well-rooted in information, we can explain the what, where, why, and how of our products and services, we are sharing convincing details to our customers adding to their appreciation.  Think of ways you can provide more information to your customers.
The tree in the photograph needed help, but by making the most of its resources, we can see the six basic needs of our customers in its branches.  This tree will be remembered because of the helping hand for the assistance it needs, and by applying these lessons, we’ll be remembered by the assistance we provide. Want to learn more? Get started with Online Sales Pro today and look for this marketing guide – Mindset 101 – to learn more about lessons to be learned for even more success.

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