Pandemic Stress? Sleep On It

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On June 4, 2020

The stress of the pandemic is not only widespread; it’s worldwide.  Many wonder what’s up ahead.  They worry about family and friends who are in a high-risk category. They’d like to get out and about without wearing a mask and gloves or keeping six feet away.  They despair that life will never be normal again.

How can you and your business work through the stress stirred up from the pandemic panic?  The answer may surprise you:  Sleep.

Without Sleep, Things Can Get Worse

Getting too little sleep – less than 5 to 7 hours a night – actually puts you at risk of dying prematurely.  Oddly enough, getting too much sleep – 8 or 9 hours a night – puts you in an even higher risk category.  Get between 7 and 8 hours of sleep each night.

Your body uses the downtime to work on problems in your system.  By shortening those repair times, your health is compromised.  Often one health issue and another get compounded, and you’ll experience the domino effect.  Sleep on it through the Pandemic to stay healthy.

Without Sleep, You May Eat Too Much

Some may argue that the longer you stay up at night, the more calories you burn.  Sounds good in theory, but actually, the reverse is true.  Your body needs more energy the longer you stay up.  That’s why when the candle is burning late at night, there’s often the need for a midnight snack.

When left to run for itself, your body is a fine-tuned system.  It sends out signals to us, but we’ve got to pay close attention.  A yawn or two?  Call it a night.  Tempted to go into the pantry long after dinner?  Go to sleep instead.  Sleep on it throughout the Pandemic to avoid eating more than you need.

Without Sleep, You Could Start Forgetting

Avoid the sleep habits that inventor Thomas Edison had.  He scoffed at anyone sleeping more than 3 or 4 hours a night.  He would take 1 or 2 short naps throughout the day, but he certainly didn’t get the recommended amount of sleep.

One of the most important functions of sleep is a housecleaning of sorts.  During the first stage of sleep when you drift in and out of wakefulness, thoughts of the previous day float around.  Your sleeping mind sweeps out the unimportant details and tucks the other ones in various hollows carved into your memory.  It’s so frustrating to forget something important.  Sleep on it throughout the Pandemic to remember the details.

With Sleep, You Can Turn This Thing Around

As we’ve seen here, sleep deprivation can make things worse.  We need to be as healthy as we can be during these challenging times.  Build good sleep habits by setting a consistent time for rising and retiring.  Exercise regularly to help you fall asleep at night, and avoid caffeine too late in the day.

Use some stress-relieving activities to help with any anxiety you may have.  Write in a journal.  Practice yoga.  Take long walks.  And most of all, get 7 or 8 hours of sleep every night.

What About the Health of Your Business During the Pandemic?

Now don’t sleep on that! You certainly don’t want to be asleep on the job!  So, with an adequate amount of sleep for yourself and a definite plan for the day, you can be productive and run your business profitably during the pandemic.  Many successful businesses have discovered an app that helps during the day – but also keeps right on working when they are fast asleep at night.  Online Sales Pro (OSP) is just what you need!

This Customer Resource Management (CRM) tool can keep you in touch with your leads and your current customers.  As soon as someone expresses interest in your product or service, don’t snooze!  OSP will send you push notifications to contact them or to send them more information.  Keep in touch with them beyond the sales transaction.  Successful sales are built on relationships.

So, give OSP a try and join the ranks of the successful.  Use this web and mobile app to boost your business through these stressful times.  We will help you get there so that you can get a good night’s sleep.

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