Don't Snooze? You Lose!

Written by admin

On October 15, 2019

We all have 24 hours in our day.  It’s a shame to waste any of that valuable time sleeping, right?  Some people pride themselves in getting away with 5 or 6 hours a night or fewer.  They keep jacked up with caffeine and energy drinks. Their hero is Thomas Edison who slept as little as possible and kept the night away with incandescent light.  Or Charles Lindbergh who stayed awake 33 hours to make the first solo trek across the Atlantic in his propeller-driven plane. Staying awake gives you more time to your day and night.  You can get more done. You’ll manage your life better. Nope. You don’t snooze? You lose. Here’s why.

Your Body Will Tell You

Even if you are off the clock when it comes to the recommended 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night, your body is not.  As a result, when you stay awake for longer, it revs up the engine telling you it’s hungry. You might think that if you don’t go to sleep early, you’ll burn more calories and lose weight.  Right? Nope. You may actually eat more when you sleep less because that hunger cycle kicks in an extra time – or two – and gain weight!

Also, your body regenerates at night.  Cells need to be replaced. Muscles need to relax.  Food needs to be digested. When your body is in overload and sleep-deprived, things start to break down.  Maybe your feet get in the way when you’re walking. Maybe that table appears out of nowhere and gives you a wallop of a bruise.  You may get sick more often. Your body is telling you it needs more sleep.

Your Mind Will Tell You

Forgot that person’s name?  It’s pretty embarrassing when it’s your neighbor – or worse yet, a family member.  Can’t remember what you needed at the grocery store? Your memory may crap out on you when it doesn’t get enough rest.  It can be more challenging to focus on the details or pay the proper attention to a situation when it’s tired. 

Another part of your mind that may falter is the ability to make decisions.  You can lose track of time. You may not be able to react quickly to a situation or perhaps even follow a procedure step-by-step.  Worse yet, your mind may play volleyball with you when you’re trying to make a decision – not being able to figure out which side of the argument has more merit.  Your mind is telling you it needs more sleep.

Your Emotions Will Tell You

You may think you are not tired, but you really are.  Because of that, your emotions may be closer to the surface than normal.  Perhaps you’ll be more impulsive – shopping more, smoking more, drinking more. 

Lack of sleep can also add weight to how you feel, putting you on an emotional rollercoaster.  Sure – when you feel good, you feel very very good – but when you feel bad, you feel horrid. You may be quick to anger, overreacting to the details of life.  You may become frustrated and disenchanted sooner rather than later. You may have conniption fits over things that don’t really matter. What’s going on here? Your emotions are telling you they need more sleep.

Sleep deprivation can wreak havoc on your life.  Without using your body, mind, and emotions to their full upbeat capacity, other things can happen when you are sleep-deprived.  The same thing can happen to your business if it is promotion-deprived. People need to know about the products or services you offer.  Don’t let your business sleep! Instead, put it on snooze-control with Online Sales Pro– a lead generation software that tells the world out there that you are not sleeping on the job.  Instead, sleep through the night and let this software work for you around the clock. Chances are that you’ll sleep much better!

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