Battery Recharge

Written by admin

On August 9, 2019

A fancy-schmancy Tesla car may have a charging station, but there’s not one for us when our battery is on low.  How do we get tapped and sapped? When we try to do too much of anything, those high levels deplete our power source.  Let’s see what Mr. Lego says are the common activities that trigger the need for a recharge. His research goes beyond the levels you may expect – work, worry, and money woes.  You may be surprised by his findings.

Too Much Fun

How could that be?  Just think of how tired you are when you get back from a vacation.  Ironically, as normal human beings, we get energized by doing something productive, something useful.  Even though when we are hard at work, lounging around by the pool may sound ideal, but actually, too much heaven can turn into a little bit of hell.  Earn your vacation by clocking in and out on the job, and you’ll feel refreshed by the break in your pace and routine. Too much fun is too much.  Treasure your time off.

Too Much Sleep

Thankfully these bodies of ours are renewable with a night’s worth of sleep, but can we actually get too much sleep?  Yes. First of all, how much sleep you need depends on your age and your activity level. The medical professionals say that the right amount for adults is between 7 and 9 hours each night. More sleep than that might be triggered by depression or some undetected disease, but here’s the catch:  too much sleep might lead to diabetes, heart disease, and an increased risk of death. Gulp! Too much sleep is too much. Get up when the alarm clock rings.

Too Much Money

Now you’re thinking that Mr. Lego is just a piece of plastic.  How could this be? If you made a boatload of money overnight – let’s say you won the multi-million dollar jackpot at a Las Vegas casino – you’ll be getting calls from folks who you didn’t realize were related to you.  You might even feel guilty about having more money than those you know. Having a 7-or-8-digit bank balance can actually diminish your goals and ambitions. You are already there. Plus, you sadly realize that money doesn’t solve every problem:  the rich still deal with bad days. Cynicism can set in when you suspect that new friends may just love your money. Too much money is too much. Enjoy what you have and save a chunk of it.

Mr. Lego’s research may make us stop and think.  Is there anything that you do too much or have too much of?  Moderation may sound like word that inspires a “Ho-hum!” but that may lead to more happiness.  Learn what does recharge your battery, and if it’s not illegal, immoral, or fattening, then tap into that energy source.

If your business is lagging and that needs recharging, we’ve got a power source for you. Online Sales Pro is the official battery for lead generation.  And let’s face it, more leads can get you more sales.  And you can never have too many of those, right? Unless it leads to too much money.  🤣

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