Training the Brain

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On February 7, 2019


Our brains are the conductors of our bodies – keeping everything beating and flowing, mostly on schedule, helping us to think and feel and rest.  That’s the good news. The bad news? Our brain can be just as lazy as we want it to be. The way to improve and to race ahead in life is to train your brain.  How can we do that right now? Here are four ways to boost your brain.

Breathe In and Out Deeply

We are breathing in and out all day long, but many of us don’t breathe very deeply.  Our body is often starved for oxygen. Take it on a mini-vacation with deep breathing.  Use this moment right now, close your eyes, center yourself, and take in several deep breaths, slowly inhaling, counting to 10, and then slowly exhaling.  Expand the inside part of your body with air, starting with your abdomen and then moving up to your lungs. Actors and singers do this routinely to prepare themselves for stellar performances; do the same thing throughout the day to put some stellar into whatever you do.

Take a Refreshing Break

There is some awe and ahhh in pause.  Don’t just keep going and going and doing and doing – that can also maim the brain.  Instead, take planned breaks. Never spend more than an hour doing what you’re doing.  Take a walk and see how the day looks along the way. Go grab a cup of fresh water – your brain is nourished with that – or give it an electrical jolt with some java.  Cruise around on the Internet or grab a pencil and a Sudoku puzzle. Step outside of your routine for a few minutes and you’ll feel refreshed when you return to the task.  The break will recharge your brain and give you a refreshed perspective on what you were doing.

Laugh Right Out Loud

See the humor in life.  We’ve all got stressors that strain the brain, sapping us of ingenuity and creativity.  Instead of allowing that, take the time for frequent laugh breaks. Look for punchlines.  Chuckle over the antics of others. Call those who make you laugh. Treat yourself to a guffaw because that laughter zaps a different part of your brain than the usual work horse section of the command center, providing some relief from all of the heavy thinking or conversely numbed vegging that we tend to do.  Laughter is contagious, so spread the humor and give everyone a cerebral break!

Try Brainstorming with Others

Often we think alone.  We root around in our brains and come up with ideas based on our perspective, our insights, and our experiences.  It’s fine to brainstorm with ourselves and jot down ideas – without any judgement – and then compile our plan from those after a later reading of them.  But instead, we can double, triple, or quadruple those ideas when we sit around a table with others focusing on a topic. Promise those around the table that we won’t argue, we won’t protest, we’ll just let those ideas flow.  That’s uniting the brain power of others and seeing where it will take us. With a fired-up brainstorming session, you’ll often see things differently.

When you tap into your brain power with a quick break during the day, all sorts of cerebral combustion can take place.  Take charge of your thoughts, unleash your creativity, and think at your best. You may see completely out of the box like the architect of the melted building in the picture.  Want to boost your business in the same way? Come join us at Online Sales Pro and join our Facebook Group.  We’ll help you think things through!    

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