What's the Big Deal about CRM Software?

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On November 19, 2019

Your work is dramatically increased when your business grows if you are trying to manage all of the details manually.  Think of the important stats about your customers you need quick access to – their contact information, their interests, their status, and other details.  Managing all of that data could become a full-time job on its own!

So, is that what needs to be done?  To hire a full-time person to take care of all of that?  Sort of. It’s not a person, though – it’s CRM software. Customer Relationship Management. So how will it work for you?  Let’s use the life cycle of the whale as a way of showing how CRM software can become a big deal for your business.

The Baby Stage: First Encounter

With most species of whales, the calf doesn’t make an appearance for a year and more.   As you can imagine, much needs to be done in quick fashion upon its arrival. Same thing goes with potential customers. Once they have announced – Hey, I’m here! – it’s essential to welcome them soon after.  Studies emphasize this: customers who are left in the lurch without timely contact will often wander away.  And it doesn’t take much time before they’ll do that!  

CRM software tells you exactly when customers sign up, and in fact, some will start a series of nudges reminding you to get in touch.  That’s right. You’ll receive push notifications alerting you first that you’ve got a lead, and then the potential customer can be sent one of several Quick Replies that are provided for you.

The Adolescent Stage:  Learning the Ropes

The whale at birth is roughly a third to a fourth as long as Mama and stays close by for a year and more.  After weaned, the calf may be free to go and explore but is not considered to be fully mature for 6 to 13 years.  For whales to live as long as the average life expectancy, this stage is crucial for survival by learning all the facts of life.

The same is true with your customers.  After information is initially gleaned with their opt-in, this data is added to your CRM’s database – these are the facts about the lead.  That may include name, email, phone number, and more – depending on how detailed your web page or funnel is. Gone are the days of scribbling a name or phone number on a napkin or other scrap of paper.  The CRM software will keep track of all the information for you and not lose any of the details.

Also, the software keeps track of the time and date the customer submitted the opt-in form.  Your CRM virtual assistant does not stop there. Your response is also filed away. How soon after opt-in was contact made – and how?  By email? By text? By phone? You can also log in the customer’s response, too. The best response, of course, is Cha-Ching! Purchase made.

The Adult Stage:  Staying Alive

The average whale can enjoy life in the ocean anywhere from 30 to 70 years. Depending on wise decisions, a whale can steer clear of danger and also know where the food is plentiful.  So much goes into survival for the adult whale.

Likewise, you want your customers to have longevity, too, and to be loyal to your product or service.  The initial contact by the customer is when life begins, but the rest is up to you – and your team, if you have one.

Guess what?  We have just the software for you that will help you and your team stay on the satisfied side of customer support!  Online Sales Pro, a leading-edge digital marketing software, sends out push notifications as soon as you get a new lead.  Better yet, OSP is a smart phone and web app so you can manage all of this from the palm of your hand.   

Using a CRM allows you to provide leading-edge service to your customers.   Click on this link to see how OSP can take your digital marketing to the next level.  Give it a try and use this simple CRM and mobile app to do all the grunt work for you!  With the time saved, you’ll be able to do other things….

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