Turn Facebook Live Views into Subscribers

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On March 14, 2018

Are you using Facebook Live to connect with your target audience? It’s a very powerful platform for reaching out to people who could well become your customers. While it’s good to have likes on your company’s Facebook page, the real money is in collecting those emails for your list. Having a solid email list means it doesn’t matter what algorithms Facebook changes, you’ll always have access to those potential customers.
Facebook Live can provide the ideal platform for collecting email subscribers, if you know how to use it. It’s a particularly effective method for reaching out to your followers, since people tend to watch Live videos three times longer than previously recorded videos. They love the interactive nature of the videos, too.
Get Ready to Go Live
Before you jump on FB Live, make sure you have everything set up and optimized to garner email sign ups. This includes: Set the call-to-action button. You can adjust the button that is at the top right of your page to send people to an email sign up page. Do this and you can direct them to click it in posts and video.
Prepare a lead magnet specifically for the video topic. This will give people an extra reason to sign up for your email list and since it is designed just for the video, you’ll have a highly targeted group of people signing up.
Set up a landing page on your website. You’ll need to test this to make sure that the sign up is working correctly and to ensure the lead magnet is delivered seamlessly. Otherwise, you can expect quite a few comments about it.
Tell your followers to sign up for your live streams. They can do that by clicking on the follow button on your Facebook Live video. In the future, any time you choose to do a video, they will get a little notification to bump them over to your page.
How to Convert Live Views
By now, you should have a solid topic in mind to talk about on your Facebook Live, as well as a lead magnet to go with it. How do you turn that into a booming list?
The first thing to realize is that you need to tell your viewers what to do. Tell them to click that CTA button, or the link in the video description (you did put one in the description, right?) and let them know why. Promote your lead magnet and encourage people to sign up. You can even offer a limited time bonus, such as a coupon code if they sign up while you’re live.
It’s generally acknowledged that the longer your video, the more viewers you’ll have. Facebook allows you to do a live video for up to four hours. While you certainly don’t have to go on for that long, the longer your video, the more people you’ll reach.
Unfortunately, you won’t have the same audience throughout the video, so as you do your Live, you will need to mention the email list and lead magnet multiple times.
Boost those email subscriptions while increasing your product or service sales during your Facebook Live video, by mentioning discounts. Not only will they receive a lead magnet, but you can also promote the fact that you offer subscriber-only discounts. Remind the viewers how to sign up each time you mention this.
Your videos will receive a much better response if you engage the viewers, so go ahead and ask questions or answer questions they leave in the comments. This is the perfect time to run a poll, announce a new product or generally provide value for the viewer. By calling them out and answering questions, you’ll also encourage viewers to participate in the video, which will keep them watching longer and possibly even sharing your video.
The best part of Facebook videos is that they archive once you’re done. While the actual Live will get the most views, people can watch your video and sign up for your email list for years to come. It’s well worth the investment of time. Be sure to join our crazy active community online

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