Finding the Right Words

Written by admin

On June 18, 2019

We use words to answer questions, to make suggestions, to make sales.  Which words work best for our business? And where do we find them? You might find it ironic that in an attempt to find more customers, you actually will find those works from your customers.  How does that work?


Get to know those who are your customers.  How would they describe themselves? What are their likes and dislikes?  What are some of their favorite things? The more you find out about your current customers, the more you can use that image in mind when you are designing your next marketing campaign.  You want to have more people like these folks, so use those words to attract them.


Once someone has used your product or service, what questions do they have afterward?  Focus on those. Use those words to find solutions and answers – and then make good use of those words.  If they’ve had those questions, others may, too, so answer them before they have them. Use the words to support your current customers and to convince those who have not yet arrived.


Feedback from your current customers may be the best source for the words to attract new customers.  When people are happy about your service and product, ask them to be specific. What is it that they like the best?  How can we make it even better? Their responses are golden. Use their comments to build your next advertising campaign.  Quote them when you describe the features. Focus on how to improve your business and then advertise that. Feedback is such an invaluable source of words.

The words we might use on our own may not be the ones that will attract new customers.  Find those words from your current customers and take full advantage of them. We have more words for you and your marketing campaigns.  Check us out at Online Sales Pro to send newly-worded messages to your clients.  We’ve even got campaigns developed by a marketing guru with our Express Setup purchase. We’ll help you to find the right words!

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