Real Contact in a Virtual World during the Pandemic

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On April 13, 2020

Real contact in a virtual world has become today’s reality, thanks to COVID-19.  People who once were frequently in each other’s company face-to-face are now reaching out virtually through phone calls, text messages, and email.

How does that work for business relationships?  Can we actually have real contact in a now-virtual world?  Indeed we can, and here’s how.

Email Marketing

People are more inclined now to read their email.  Phoning, texting, and emailing have become more vital connections to the outside world beyond six feet and the wearing of face masks.  Because of that, people tend to read their email messages more often and perhaps even more thoroughly.

Now is the prime time to develop relationships with your current customers and new leads through email marketing.  Prep your messages so that they become a familiar voice. A way that will ensure that is by speaking as you type, matching your tone and inflection with word choices and punctuation.  Your email marketing can be a real contact in this virtual world when it sounds like a real person writing.

Website Content

Most of the population is now confined to quarters in an effort to level out the influence of COVID-19.  As a result, websites are getting more traffic. People are exploring more links in a virtual way of getting out of the house.

Now is the prime time to spiff up your website.  Refresh its content on a weekly basis. Add new photographs or other graphics.  Create and publish blogs about a variety of topics. Encourage a relationship with those who visit by maintaining an active presence, answering questions and sharing tips about your product or service.  Your website content can be a real contact in this virtual world when there’s something real that keeps customers coming back.

Online Sales

Business doors are closing.  Many are figuring out ways to increase sales via the Internet.  For instance, grocery stores are now relying on customers who are using their pickup and delivery services solely to do their weekly shopping.  Not as many customers are visiting their stores face-to-face.

Now is the prime time to move as much of your business as feasible to the online environment.  When you can make a smooth transition, your business revenue will not be as seriously compromised.  Your online sales can be a real contact in this virtual world when your customers can still purchase what they need and want, avoiding social contact.

Virtual Contact

This pandemic has reversed much of what we know.  Instead of a computer once providing real contact in a virtual world, now our online devices provide virtual contact in a real world.

We’ve got a software platform that will help you maintain contact and build relationships with your clientele.  Online Sales Pro (OSP) includes both a web and mobile app.  Here’s how it works. First of all, you grow your email list by generating leads.  After that, you market your product or service, writing copy to tell people out there more about your business. Then, lastly, you launch a sales campaign linking OSP and your Email Service Provider (ESP) to keep your customers and leads in-the-know about updates and sales events.  Easy-peasy.

Real Contact

If you haven’t created advertising copy before, no worries.  We have a team here at OSP that will take care of that for you with Express Setup, creating 8 marketing swipes featuring your business.  If you haven’t set up an account with an ESP, we can help you with that, too.  Just click on the link to set up an account with AWeber, our preferred Email Service Provider.  With OSP and your ESP in tandem, you will boost your business.

Online Sales Pro.  Over 70,000 subscribers have used OSP to make real contact in this virtual world of ours.  We can help you do that, too.

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