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On April 11, 2019

People get pummeled with email.  Everyday we hear “You’ve Got Mail!” over and over again. We pitch this one and that one.  We don’t want our own marketing messages to go into the trash, though.. So how can we create subject lines that keep our potential customers opening those email messages?  And get this – they say that nearly half of the people out there open a message because of the subject line. That sounds super important then, so let’s take a look-see.

Tip #1:  URGENCY – “Don’t be late for dinner!”

No one wants to miss the boat.  In fact, they are often the happiest when they are the first ones on the block to try something new.  What words in a subject line convey urgency? Words that inspire action but also indicate that times that will expire.  Alert!  Right now!  Important!  And even go with the word with the most thrust:  Urgent!  So who used the subject line about dinner?   A restaurant that wants customers to see their new menu.

Tip #2:  CURIOUS – “What do unicorns and shoelaces have in common?”

You want folks to want to know more.  This subject line should tickle and tease.  A touch of flair. The kind of subject line that will nag at them until they open it because they want to know what the subject line means.  Ask a question. Use playful words. Think like a kid to reach the youthfulness in all of us. So who used the subject line about unicorns and shoelaces?  A shoe store that is carrying a running shoe that are slip-ons – so, unicorns and shoelaces don’t exist. I know, I know – groan! – but you wanted to know the connection, didn’t you?

Tip #3:  HUMOROUS – “Are you hiding under the bed?”

People love to laugh – especially if they are in the thick of an unfunny day.  If you tickle someone’s funny bone, a smile could turn into a chuckle which could turn into a customer.  Make the words turn into an image in the reader’s mind – like what do you see here thanks to this subject line?  A cramped person nervously shivering and peeking out from under the bedskirt? The words produced an image in your mind.  So who used the subject line about hiding under the bed? A security company ready to protect your home from burglars and bogeymen.

Tip #4:  VANITY – “You don’t need to stand next to an elephant…”

Let’s face it.  We all would like to drink the magic elixir that will make us look younger, thinner, more good looking. We all want to feel better, be better, look better – you name it.  When we see a subject line that inspires improvement, we often want to know what new product is being advertised. We certainly would like to take that step to look and feel better.  So does everyone else, more often than not. So who used the subject line about elephants? The beauty store that has a product that will make your skin look younger.

Tip #5:  GREED – “Want more than your neighbor has?”

We don’t mean to encourage this trait, but somehow we all seem to like having more.  It’s human nature to want what others have and maybe even have a better deal. It’s blatant when it’s a neighbor because we can see plainly what those folks have in comparison to what we don’t have.  Woe is me! So who used this subject line about wanting more? Ha – it’s a trick. In this case, you DON’T want more. The yard maintenance folks promise you that you won’t have the weeds your neighbors may have.

Email campaigns take some work – and you want to see good results. The first step is to get the attention of the folks who can help your bottom line.  Try these tips to add some sizzle and charm to your subject lines so those messages of yours will be opened. Want more help with your email marketing?  Use the tools we offer at Online Sales Pro and build your business!

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