Staying Focused: Three Tips for Success

Written by admin

On February 28, 2019

You’re busy.  Running a business.  Generating leads. Growing sales.  So, how do you keep uber productive?  How do you stay focused and goal-oriented? In this quick video, Kitty with OSP shares some tips that have proven growth and sales for OSP.  It’s really all about baby steps. Implement small things into your daily workflow and see how they positively impact your growth, sales, productivity, and mindset. 

So, in summary:

Use Tech Tools

Sure, you can use pen and paper to keep track of your business details, but you might prefer instead to use the modern-day version of that. Kitty details several tools used by Online Sales Pro to organize, to keep track, and to communicate.

Set Specific Goals

Focusing on a faraway goal may blur your vision. Instead, on a daily basis, tackle one task that will get you closer to that goal. Review what was accomplished yesterday. Determine what worked and what did not. Apply those lessons learned today and then plan what your aim will be for tomorrow. Celebrate the successes along the way.

Stick to a Schedule

Routine tasks will keep you moving forward. Use a similar flow each day. At OSP, an early morning meeting every day with the corporate team and those telecommuting tech team gets everyone in a rhythm and moving in the same direction.
Treat your business to success by using these tips about productivity and profitability.  Want to treat yourself to something, too? Make it a treat for you to run your business by joining us at Online Sales Pro and learn how to take care of the details more effectively and efficiently.   

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