Advertising by Video

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On February 21, 2019

Many companies use videos to advertise their products and services.  Perhaps that’s something that you would like to do to promote your business.  Let’s take a look at five tips about advertising by video so you’ll have a more successful campaign.  

Take  a Look at the Equipment

There’s all sorts of ways to create a video nowadays. Base your selection on your need and on your budget. Michael Mansell creates all sorts of videos for his training and his advertising. Check out the top 5 devices that Michael uses when creating his videos.  Talk to others who use this equipment. Check out the Google reviews of each and make the best choice for you.

Take a Look at Testing Videos

Some videos work better than others.  You’ve seen that. Some appeal more to you than not.  If you have the budget for it, try different formats, focusing on the same elements of the product or service you wish to advertise.  Use different images. Use various angles. Even so, be consistent across all of the video variation when it comes to your promise to deliver.  If possible, run the ads simultaneously to see which ones bring in more customers. What do you do with the ads that were not as successful? Try your hand in repurposing them – maybe as a social media post or a video link on your home page.

Take a Look at the Media Partners

Where do you want to display your video ad?  Those media partners out there have a different purpose and appeal to a different audience.  Because of that, consider which one is better suited to your campaign. For instance, folks who check their Facebook account often are fast to focus on what’s going on with their friends and families.  The value of a Facebook ad, though, comes in the form of impressions. It’s another way to be seen by those who are in your niche market. The more often they see your company name and your brand, the more comfortable they may become as one of your customers.  YouTube is another venue for your advertising, and this might even bring in a larger segment of potential buyers. Often people are using YouTube to look at consumer videos. It’s cheaper to advertise that way if it’s offset by new customers convinced that your business offers what they want.  Evaluate your goals and decide which channel would work best for you. Try both and compare the results.

Take a Look at the Numbers

Those numbers are what will help you determine how successful your video campaign has been.  Media partners report metrics differently so be sure to understand how they do it before you determine the success of your ad campaign.  You certainly don’t want to make decisions about future campaigns based on the wrong data. It’s also important that you come up with your own numbers.  Keep careful count, if possible, of who is coming from which ad campaign. Once you know who is watching what and becoming a paying customer, you can make wiser decisions about how you’ll advertise in the future.

No matter what format we use for advertising, the key is to reach that niche market.  Discover how you can best connect with your potential customers and make that your advertising mainstay. We’ve found that the best way to reach clients is through online marketing.  Learn more by visiting us at Online Sales Pro and seeing another successful way to advertise.  You are proof positive that it works since you’ve just read an online blog!

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