Well, That Business Tip Didn't Work!

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On March 11, 2020

When a marketing tip doesn’t work for your business, there’s a lesson there.  Just like anything else, you often need to take a marketing tip which worked for some other business and customize it.

People mean well.  Invariably, when you start your own business, folks come out of the woodwork to give you advice.  Things that they have seen. Tactics they took. What is successful with one may lead to failure with another.

Conversely, a tip that didn’t work for someone else’s business may work royally for yours.  Most of the time, though, that is not the case. Let’s take a look at some of these business tips.

Tip #1: Quit Your Day Job

Advice-givers may encourage you to sink all your time and effort into your new business.  That’s usually not a good idea. Getting a regular paycheck takes some of the fear and anxiety out of your new endeavor.

You’d be in a real bind if the business derailed, and you didn’t have regular income.  How can this business tip be more useful?

BETTER TIP #1:  Make certain that you DO have quality time to build your business.  Once your business has grown, then there’ll be time to make that transition.

Tip #2: Look for Something New

Some may tell you that the market is saturated.  Those who started their businesses before you have gotten a head start. You may never get caught up.  And on and on their advice will spin gloom and doom prophecies.

Competition can sometimes wreak havoc.  It’s true. But perhaps with some study of the customer base, you can come up with a different angle, a different approach.  How can this business tip become a lesson?

BETTER TIP #2:  Focus on a different part of the product or service to attract other buyers. Use a unique approach.

Tip #3: Do It All Yourself

To save money, some will advise you to do aspects of the business yourself.  For instance, instead of seeking the service of an accountant, balance your books and file your taxes.  Also, instead of hiring a graphic artist to design your advertising campaigns or a writer to craft your blogs, do it all yourself.

Certainly, you have experience and expertise in some areas.  However, you are nervous about going it alone. It’s no wonder.  There aren’t many who could. How could we turn this tip around to make it a lesson worth following?

BETTER TIP #3:  Plan your budget wisely so that you can seek to pay for services that are not your strengths.  Be prudent. As sales increase, employ others.

Tip #4: Have the Cheapest Price

It sounds sensible, doesn’t it?  People are natural bargain-shoppers.  They want to get more for less. That’s why some will tell you to aim for those customers.  Sell your product or service at a cheaper rate to spark their interest and loyalty.

But, isn’t it also true that some customers avoid the bargains.  They focus on value. They don’t mind paying more with the thought that they will get more.  So, what’s the lesson to be learned here?

BETTER TIP #4:  “Cheaper” may cost you more.  Pay attention to those who seek quality.

Tip #5: Follow Your Passion

Many coaches and commentators are vehement about this.  Follow your dream. Craft a business around that passion of yours.  Do what it is that makes you want to work every day.

When you follow your passion, they’ll advise you, success will follow.  You can’t go wrong. Maybe not. Rather than focusing on your passion, it may be wiser to focus on your customers.  Find out what inspires them and be passionate about that. So, how can we turn that tip around?

BETTER TIP #5:   Keep your customers in plain view, taking your cues from them.  Reverse it. Create a business that taps into the passion of your customers.

As you have seen, well-meaning folks can give you tips that may push your business off track.  Ironically enough, this article will end with a sound business tip. Success is founded on some basic marketing principles, and all of them focus on your customers.

First of all, you need to get customers.  Second of all, once you have them, you need to give them what they need.  And lastly, you need to keep in touch with them.

A marketing tip that DOES work is to consider Online Sales Pro, a powerful software platform which includes both a web and mobile app.

First of all, you can generate leads and grow your email list.  Secondly, your marketing can focus on your product or service and tell them more about it.  And lastly, a sales campaign linking OSP and your email service provider (ESP) will keep customers in the know about updates and sales with campaigns and broadcast emails.

Online Sales Pro.  Customer Relationship Management. So, that’s a business tip that DOES work.  And over 70,000 subscribers can vouch for that! 

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