Facebook Marketing 101

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On July 9, 2019

One and a half billion people use Facebook every day!  Can you even begin to imagine that? So, what are all these folks doing on Facebook?  They are connecting with family and friends, looking for things to buy, and catching up on news.  Those all sound like perfect reasons to launch a marketing campaign on Facebook for your business.  Let’s take a look at the details and see if it would work well for you.

Focus on Them

There’s not much of anything at all that would be of interest to over a billion people!  What you need to do is to target the people who would be suitable customers for your product or service.  Let’s say that you actually do sell lavender candles and bath salts, so you might select these categories to filter out any but your potential customers:  single females from ages 20 to 80 who live in colder climates. After you select your choices, Facebook actually does the work for you! They match your ad with those particular FB users!

Focus on You

Do you want your customers to come to you or do you want to go to them?  A Facebook Page attracts the people who would like to know more.  Facebook makes it easy to set up a place where interested parties can come to learn more about your business, moseying around looking here and there, and asking questions and providing feedback. You are walked through the creation of your Facebook Page step-by-step.  On the other hand, a Facebook Ad targets who you think your ideal customer would be.  Again, you’ll be walked through the creation of the ad, and then Facebook will find your target market.  They take the huffing and puffing out of these steps for you. All you need to do is to focus on your business, your advertising objective, and figure out what you want and need.  Facebook does the rest. As for your objective for this business campaign, Facebook advises that there are three categories: awareness, engagement, or conversion. Depending on your focus, you will make different choices.  Facebook will walk you through all of that, though, so you’ll be well on your way to finding your new customers or reconnecting with current ones.

Focus on It

Now that you’ve got their attention, be sure to tell them the news.  Tell them what’s going on with your products and services. Maybe there’s something new right around the corner.  Perhaps there’s a big sale coming up next week. Maybe there are updates to the current product or news about customer support.  Don’t just leave these folks hanging. Tell them something that will pique their interest and keep them coming back.

Want to Know More?

Facebook takes over from here. They offer what could be called the more advanced Facebook Marketing course with walk-through strategies, timely and detailed newsletters, and straightforward development of your Facebook Page or Ad.  The information is out there. By using such a well-traveled route with all of the traffic on Facebook, your efforts can make your sales skyrocket. Look for more information on the Facebook Business site and soak it all in. It’s not free to market on Facebook, mind you, and that’s another decision you’ll need to make.  Before you say either YES or NO, though, be sure to take full advantage of the tips and resources available.

We also offer a way to skyrocket your marketing campaigns.  Read the free Marketing Guides we provide for our clients, like “Lead Generation Made Easy” or “Social Media Essentials.”  Come join us here at ONLINE SALES PRO to learn more about boosting your sales.  We’d be glad to show you how!

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