At Home on Facebook

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On July 12, 2019

Ever worked in an office or store where you felt right at home?  Everything was just where you wanted it, and people felt comfortable when they visited?  How would you like that very same feel for your business and be at home on Facebook? They make it quite easy for you to settle in by creating a Facebook Page.  Let’s see what needs to be done to make that move.

How Long Does It Take?

You would be the one creating your own Facebook Page.  With the easy step-by-step process, Facebook claims it takes minutes!  It’s a matter of clicking on a link so that you can create a Business Page – and you are given two choices:  Are you wishing to create a page that is focused on a business or a brand OR are you wanting to advertise as a community or as a public figure?  Selecting the first option takes you to a new page where you provide details about your business – the name of it and then you select what type of business it is.  Facebook even helps you with that. You start typing a word or two that describes the type and then you are offered a number of choices. The next step is to provide a profile picture – of you or of your product or service or something linked with the business.  You also have the option to skip that part of the process. You can add an optional cover photo, too. Many say that photographs can attract customers, so you might want to consider that. Before you know it, you’ll see your business page! How much time did it take?  Probably less time than it took to type this description.  

How Much Does It Cost?

You would think that a place on this worldwide online presence would cost you a bundle.  After all, your business will have a virtual storefront on Facebook where two billion people can take a look-see.  Guess what? It costs NOTHING! No cost. No charge. Nada. It’s absolutely free! That’s not all that is free either.  Facebook includes some free tools so you can make your page a marketing magnet. You can interact with potential customers, post videos and photo-stories, and even automate responses.  One caveat which is really no big deal. You do need to have a personal profile on Facebook in order to have the luxury of having a FB page, but that’s all.

How Does It Look?

Years ago it would take education and experience for someone to design an eye-pleasing online presence.  Not so anymore! You can make your business page look the way you want by borrowing from templates and adding your own style.  You don’t need to describe what you want to someone else who will then create it for you. You’re the creator. The page is yours and  becomes an expression of your business. You will need a business page in order to advertise on Facebook. The page is free, but the ads are not.  Once you have created your page, you can invite those you know to come and look at it. You can add new information to your page and keep the information up-to-date.

Want to Know More?

Facebook has all sorts of articles and guides to help you expand your online horizons.  They’ve got a Help Center where you can ask questions and seek advice. They have dozens of free courses that you can take on Facebook Blueprint with topics like getting started —to— measuring the success of an ad campaign —to— learning how to connect with others using Instagram or Messenger —to— making money with the content on your site.  They’ve got quick links to learn about what’s new and also to FAQs where you might answers to questions you have. Facebook Business is user-friendly and provides all sorts of tips and encouragement. There’s help everywhere you look!

So, why not give it a try?  Creating a Facebook Page is simple, quick, and free – and can help you connect with customers out there that you have not yet met.  Before too long, you are bound to feel at home on Facebook. We’d also like it if you felt at home with us here at Online Sales Pro.  The welcome mat it out and the pot of coffee is fresh.  Come on over for a visit. We’d love to see you!

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