Get the Word Out There

Written by admin

On May 30, 2019

Your business will only boom when you get the word out.  Unless you’ve got super powers, you’ll need to use these four marketing channels to tell others about your product or service. It’s best not to choose just one channel – the more of them you use, the better chance you’ll have of reaching more customers for your business. Let’s take a look at each one.

Word of Mouth

People sure do like to talk!  When you are passionate about your product or service, that enthusiasm can be contagious.  Talk to anyone who crosses your path about what you do for a living – friends, family, neighbors, and hey – even the check-out lady at your local grocery store.  Be specific about how what you sell can benefit others – and then tell them how they can learn more about it. Who needs to hear more about your business?


Once upon a time, we had to write to one person at a time.  Sending out holiday cards was a painstaking process that many started on the first of December.  Not any more! You can send an email to all sorts of people all at once. You don’t want to send just one, though.  Put your messages on a calendar, telling your potential customers a little more each time. By inserting the link to your sales page in the message, those who get your emailed message can click on it to learn more.  Who can you reach with an emailed message about your business?

Social Media

Nowadays, people stay connected with social media.  Old friends find each other, new friends are made, and we learn more about each other – even getting timely reminders right before their birthdays.  You can use social media to promote your business. Sure, it takes planning and some of your marketing dollars, but the word can get out beyond the people you know or your current customers.  Have you checked out how to tap into social media?


This channel may seem to be more than you can handle.  Not so! With today’s technology, we don’t need some fancy schmancy studio to make a rather professional broadcast about a product or service. Often it’s helpful for people to see how it all works.  By showing them the steps, rather than talking or writing about them, everything will click for these potential customers. Do you have a list of podcasts you could create to show customers how to use your product or service?

You don’t need to be Superman to get the word out.  Once the world of marketing used word of mouth, radio ads, and printed media to tell others about a business.  Now that we’re in the 21st century and can make use of computer connections, getting the word out is much less work.  Want to learn how Online Sales Pro can help you make those connections? Click on this link and learn more.  In fact, we can even set up a marketing campaign by email for you.  Let us help you to get the word out!

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