Ready for 2019?

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On December 27, 2018

Soon we’ll need new calendars!  2018 will be behind us with 2019 in front of us.  What are your plans? Are you ready? The first of the year is traditionally a time for renewal and resolution.  Just in case your list is blank at this moment, let’s take a look at several easy changes we can make in the new year.

Take a Daily Walk

Too often we stay inside.  We miss all that is going on outside – like hearing that bright red cardinal tweeting on the bare branch or seeing the cloud above that is shaped like a heart or smelling the sweet scent of leaves being burned.  By taking a brisk walk sometime during our day, we rejuvenate our senses and give a quick vacation for our minds. Once we get back to our usual routine, we’ll feel recharged and ready for the next task.

Eat Healthier

Instead of reaching for a calorie-laden snack, why not get to know a delicious Honey Crisp apple or a handful of tasty mixed nuts?  Our bodies react to what we eat with most junk fried or sugary food wreaking havoc inside us. Once we get into the habit of saying no to certain foods, the ones that are healthier choices taste so much better.  Be aware of what you eat and try to make better choices. The payoff is better health and feeling good.

Be More Mindful

Screens – TVs, games, or computers – can cause us to screen out what is around us.  Step away from the screen by taking breaks and become aware of what is going on around you.  Note what others are saying and doing and notice how people are reacting to you. Listen more closely, smile more often, and live in the present in this dimension rather than somewhere else on the screen. Your relationships will improve with time, and you’ll have many more genuine moments.

Worry Less

Instead of looking forward to the future, we tend to worry about the past, taking away from the present.  Avoid that by making a daily list of what you’d like to do – and as the familiar maxim teaches, if you can’t change it, accept it – and work toward changing the things you can.  Plan your days in detail with a focus on your priorities, and there will be less of a chance that things will go awry. Most things we worry about never do happen, so why even bother with this futile approach to life?

Celebrate Successes

Too often we just barrel through life without stopping to notice what we’ve accomplished, or worse yet, we grumble and complain inside our minds about what we’ve done wrong.  Make the small victories matter more! The task does not need to be huge for a small celebration. You balanced your checkbook? Do a 20-second jig! You crossed off an item on your to-do list?  Let out a whoop! Think about the difference you make to others and celebrate yourself. Pat yourself on the back when you’ve done something right.
Those are some ways you can make 2019 your best year yet.  Vow to make things better – for yourself and for your business.  If you aren’t boosting your business with Online Sales Pro, add that to your New Year’s list, too, and click on this link – Online Sales Pro – to come on board and grow your business.  Join us for 2019 and see how our new year will look.  As for us? Just know that here at Online Sales Pro, we are all wishing you the best of everything in the new year!

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