Loyal to the Cause

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On July 3, 2019

No matter the country – being patriotic to one’s land and being loyal to the cause is a choice.  We help to make a country our home by doing the maintenance tasks like obeying traffic laws, sweeping the sidewalk, voting for our choices, and paying taxes.  The same goes for running a business, so let’s look at these analogies one at a time.

Obeying Traffic Laws

When we are running our business and supporting our customers, we must be honest and helpful.  By staying on the right side of right, our clientele learns to trust us and to become loyal to our product or service.  When the rules of business etiquette are not followed, success becomes slippery and soon out of reach. We need to look both ways when making a turn in traffic and keep our customers in the loop.

Sweeping the Sidewalks

We need to keep our business tidy and organized.  Most of the sidewalk in front of homes can be seen by neighbors and those who pass by.  When it’s not kept free of leaves, weeds, paper, and dirt, the sidewalk becomes less a thoroughfare and more an eyesore.  Even that which cannot be seen through the public eye needs to be tidy and presentable. There’s pride in keeping things organized and balanced.  By keeping your budget in good shape, your business will follow suit.

Voting for our Choices

Those who run businesses make decisions every day about the products or services they provide.  Should we make sweeping changes based on customer feedback? Should we advertise on Facebook or Instagram?  Should we keep the 4th of July a company holiday? Making decisions is one thing, but we must also express them.  Let your customers know what is going on, what changes are up ahead, and how they can keep abreast of those. If they balk much, then find out more from them and let them cast their vote.

Paying Taxes

The numbers are often complicated when it comes to business finance.  It’s important to know what you owe and what goes in the company bank.  Financial integrity is essential for the success of a business. It’s not worth it to have more than one set of books!  Hire an accountant who can help you keep your business afloat and your books balanced. By keeping close track of your fiscal responsibilities, you have a much better sense of the bottom line.

Parades and fireworks are happy, patriotic celebrations, honoring your country’s history and success.  The same is true of a business – employee recognition and holiday parties are tributes to a just cause and a hurrah for teamwork.  We can help your business achieve even more success. Just know that Online Sales Pro is definitely at your company’s parade, rooting you on!  Click on THIS LINK to learn more about us.

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