How Do I Keep Customers?

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On December 6, 2018

Once you’ve got customers – whether you’ve got 2 or 202 – what steps need to be taken in order to keep those customers onboard?  You want to keep your customers interested in your product or service, and more ideally – tell others about your business. There are strategies out there, so let’s look at some of them now.  Adopt one or more to put to work to make your business stronger and more profitable.

Take a Look at Your Records

Here’s the essence of customer retention: it takes less time and money to encourage your current customers to purchase more than it is to get a new crop of customers.First, view the numbers.  How many of your customers have purchased in the past month?  Three months? Six months? Year? Look at patterns. Look at repeat sales.  How many of them keep coming back? It’s important to make this assessment to see how many of your customers are just one-shot deals or ones who have returned to buy more.  

Get Cozy with Your Customers

Encourage conversation – whether it is face-to-face or online.  What do your customers like about your product or service? How do they use what you offer?  Customers become loyal to your brand when they feel connected to you and your business. Keep things fun and casual, letting customers know that YOU care.  When they sense that, they’ll keep coming back. In this electronic world of ours, sometimes people are lonely and miss the personal care and contact of businesses from yesteryear where customers were on a first-name business.  Tap into that and show them that you are there for them.

Provide a Before and After

Customers will often purchase because of hope.  They know their status quo and they hope to do better than that.  They often will base a purchase on results – how the product or service will make a difference to them and make CHANGES to them, for them, and in their lives.  Most people aren’t completely satisfied with who they are, where they are, or what they are doing – and by showing them what a difference your business will make for them, their interest is piqued.  Ask your customers for testimonials – and with pictures, better yet. Seeing is believing – and these will encourage current customers to take full advantage of what you offer.

Use Words that Work

Certain words work their magic when it comes to purchases.  How many people will buy 2 or 3 of something to save some money instead of just buying the 1 they need?  A sale – that word entices- free also stimulates interest.  The words new and instantly also appeal to the emotion and the logic of purchasing.  How can you encourage your current customers to purchase more?  They like promotions and seasonal sales and coupons.  Give them teasers.  Make it fun for them to visit your site or your website to buy things for themselves and others.  

Create Excitement

Think of what changes have been made lately to your products or services  Make a big deal about those. Let customers know that you’ve heard their requests and tell them what has been changed and why.  Capture the momentum of newness! Show them how the latest features will make a difference to them. If you’ve got a new product, get your customers involved. Have a contest.  Have a few customers test new products and post reviews online. Get them involved and they won’t want to leave or let go.
A business will struggle with success if it is fueled just by new customers.  If your customers seem to come and go, adopt one of these strategies to revitalize interest in your product and service to keep your customers loyal and current.  Want an easy way to keep in touch with them? Send your customers direct news about your business right to their inbox. Join us at Online Sales Pro and see how!

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