Happy Customers

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On November 1, 2018

We all want happy customers.  By keeping them happy, they’ll spread the word, and soon we’ll have more happy customers.  How can we manage to build up a clientele that keeps coming back? Let’s look at some strategies to generate positive customer reviews.

Give Them a REASON to Review

First of all, you must provide a product or service that is the best you can offer.  Customers who need what you have to offer will notice the quality of it and be pleased with any customer support they may need.  Provide a 100% guarantee – no matter what. Talk to them when they have complaints and provide answers – or make changes. Business is an interactive process, so learn as much from your customers as you possibly can.  Also, remember that many customers try out a business based on comments by their friends and colleagues. A word-of-mouth campaign is one of the most convincing ones that can be launched. People seek out the experiences others have had with your business, so make sure that they have something to crow about.

Give Them a PLACE to Review

Customers can use various ways to “pen” their impressions of your business by posting Google or Yelp Reviews and others – but make sure that there is a place for customers to leave questions and comments on your website, too.  You’ll be able to use those reviews. Let others know what happy customers are saying – and why. Also, if you see customers face-to-face, ask them open-ended questions, encouraging frank responses. Create incentives.  Provide discounts on the future purchase of products or services for those who complete a survey about your business.

Give Them a RESPONSE to a Review

If a customer posts a negative review, respond to the post or, if you can, get in touch with them. Thank them for their feedback and let them know what will come of it.  Too often it’s the unhappy customers that yammer and complain, and the happy ones just smile and say thank you. Ask the happy ones for feedback and then respond to that, reinforcing the review of your business.  Your customers will respect you for the interactions and your responses.  The relationships you have with your clients will become stronger. Perhaps you will find out what they like best.  Maybe you hadn’t realized before what the most important element of your product or service is to them.  You may find ways that you can make your business run even more smoothly with their feedback and develop new products or services.
Potential customers often make purchasing decisions after reading reviews on the Internet.  When happy customers post positive comments about your business that can bring in new customers.  Just think – these reviews are effective and you didn’t pay anything at all for that kind of marketing and promotion!  Aim to keep your current customers pleased with your product or service and just watch while more customers join them.
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