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On September 24, 2019

What are the chances of seeing a hummingbird on a limb like this?  Multiply that by considering how often you’d have a camera in position to take a spot-on photograph. 

Roger Burkhard did.  This is his photograph – and he is giving it away for free.  For free? Yes – professional photographers provide their favorite shots so we can gussy up our messages with them for absolutely free!  Once you find a nice photograph, then what? Let’s take a look at the steps.


Here at Online Sales Pro, we use graphics for many reasons.  For instance, these blogs and their corresponding broadcast email messages have graphics that tie in with the topic.  We find the images on Unsplash, one of several sites out there where you can find free graphics. We use what we find to enhance our messages to you.   We’ll find an intriguing photograph, and we’ll then upload it to a graphic design tool. In our case, we use Canva.


Canva and other similar graphic design websites allow us all to create and design posts and ads, business cards and logos.  No longer must we study long and hard to become a graphic designer: these apps allow us to create designs just like the professionals.  

For instance, Canva offers its own templates and layouts that you are able to customize.  You could create a calendar with your logo and a representative photograph for each month.  Once published, you could send those out to your clients for the upcoming year.

We add our logo to the photographs we use for emphasis since usually readers must go all the way to the end of the blog to learn more about our company. With the logo built into the graphic, customers can identify us at the start of the blog.  Also, the completed graphic with photo and logo gives a more polished look to the message.


Even this word doesn’t require much money anymore.  Years ago, anything you wished to publish would dip into your company’s funds quite liberally, sometimes to the tune of thousands of dollars.  Not anymore.  

You can create a snazzy attention-getting template for your broadcast email messages and jazz up each one a little differently.  You can post eye-catching messages on Facebook or other social media, letting those folks out there know that you are alive and well in the business you are in.  You can create blogs for your website and enhance them with a photograph like we have done here.  

People look at graphics.  If a message is just straight text, many potential customers may snooze through it or click off the page.  That’s why it’s important to add graphics to your messages to the world out there so that they’ll learn about you and keep coming back.

Creating graphic designs is not a daunting task anymore – not when you can put to use the free tools and services out there.  Spruce up your messages so others will pay closer attention to what you are saying. If you want to keep their attention, come visit Online Sales Pro.  With our lead generation tool, you can set up broadcast emails and follow up series through your email service provider.  Come see what we offer – and better yet, take a risk-free look with our 14-day money-back guarantee. Join us and launch your business online. OSP will help you do it!

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