Willing to Risk It?

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On September 19, 2019

We’re not all big risk-takers, but perhaps we’d like to be.  Taking risks is a two-sided coin – you’ll either be successful or you won’t.  If those are the odds, why would anyone take a risk then? When it comes to your business, though, you might be more successful if you DO take risks.  Let’s find out why.

Risks Push You Out of Your Comfort Zone

Your business is building slowly, but you keep hearing about others who are having more success.  You’d like to try some of the tactics they are using to market their products or services online, but you’re nervous about the learning curve and how much you don’t know.  You check this month’s numbers and realize that they haven’t moved much from last month. If someone would show you how to get started with digital marketing, you’re willing to give it a try.  This decision has pushed you out of your comfort zone. You’re willing to see what happens next month because of it.

Risks Teach You Invaluable Lessons

You made a big move.  You are now marketing more products, becoming the middle man for several hot items.  One of them takes off, but the other two have dismal outcomes. Instead of blowing off the decision and putting the results in the bin, you are going to do a market analysis to see what happened.  Obviously your current customers voted with their money for the one product; is there a different profile of customers that might become yours if you market the other two products differently? Maybe.  You’ll give that a try by reaching out to find a new customer base. By taking a risk on these three products, you’ve learned something useful about your customers and marketing tactics. 

Risks Help You Overcome a Fear of Failure

Some business owners are in a comfortable routine, unwilling to make any changes.  They are not surprised when the details of their business don’t change, although they wish they would.  These folks are afraid that if they try something new, they might fail. That is understandable, but because of that fear, they are stuck.  Instead, entrepreneurs sit down and create a list of what they’d like to try and what the results might be. They’ll also make a column to respond to this question:  “Knowing what I know, what’s the worst thing that can happen?” By preparing for success or failure, they are willing to try something new. By taking a risk, even if their efforts do fail, they’ve moved beyond that stifling fear of failure.

Taking a risk is daunting, especially if you are new at parasailing!  Here’s a way to boost your business, and quite frankly, it’s risk-free.  You can take your marketing to the next level with digital marketing. Online Sales Pro will show you how to use our lead generation tool so that you can reach out to more people.  Why is it risk-free? We have a 14-day money-back guarantee. Go ahead. Sail above your competition by optimizing your online sales.

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