Catching Their Eyes

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On March 21, 2019

That’s how it gets started.  If you want to get someone’s attention, start with the eyes.  Sure, it can be done with a picture – like this one – isn’t that a beauty of a car? – but it goes above that.  Write an eye-catching subject line so potential customers will be sure to open the email message. Let’s discuss some tips to writing one of those.

WHO?  Make It Personal

What is the connection between your business and your potential customers?  What interesting fact might pique their interest? Tuck that into your subject line so that they see the connection, too.  For instance, if your product is skin care and your customer base is in the southwest, then you can punctuate that link. (1)  Want to Gear Up for Those Hot Haughty Days? (2) Prevent Lizard Skin! (3) Save Your Pores. These three subject lines are geared to those who know the heat of the desert sun and its results.  Customers will have a sense because of the subject line that they are among those WHO would be interested.

WHAT?  Tap Into Urgency

What about your offer puts a time-stamp on it?  What is some aspect of your product or service that will create a need in your potential customer?  Maybe those being sent the email message don’t yet know that they need it – so let’s invite them to click and look so that they will know.  Capture that urgency in your message: (1) Have You Heard? (2) Do You Have One Yet? (3) How Did I Ever Live Without This? These three subject lines inspire curiosity.  Customers want to know WHAT so they open the message.

WHERE?  State the Area

Some messages are location-based.  Your business may be holding a sale in a certain location on a weekend coming up.  If the subject line lets potential customers know where the event will be, that might intrigue them enough to read the message.  Add the location in the subject line. (1) Arts & Crafts at Udall Park This Weekend! (2) Join Others at the Civic Center to March. (3) Leave Your Car at the Harvard Yard.  These three subject lines may spark interest if the location is convenient and nearby. Customers want to know WHERE before they find out more.

WHEN?  Save a Date

Discounts are for a limited time.  Customers are well aware of that, and sometimes this prods them to buy now.  They want to get the service or product before the price goes up or the item is no longer available.  Encourage these thoughts with these words. (1) Only 3 Days Left! (2) Sale Goes on Until Sunday. (3) Limited Time Only!  These three subject lines inspire inclusivity. They are in that inner circle of those who know about the sale. They want to know WHEN so they open the message.

WHY?  Give a Sneak Peek

People like to shop for bargains.  They also want to know how something works.  Sometimes it’s important to pack that detail into a subject line.  Maybe once they understand the steps it takes, they’ll more easily match it to what they want and need.  Satisfy their search with information. (1) We’ll Show You How. (2) Here Are the Three Steps. (3) Take This Tour With Us.  These three subject lines show potential customers more about the product or service. They want to know WHY it works so they will know whether to sign on the dotted line.

HOW?  Make an Offer

Even the wealthy customers want a good deal!  Who would want to pay full price – even if it’s well worth it?  Lure them to purchase with a discount or a coupon code and entice them with a subject line.  (1) Only a Few Get a 20% Discount! (2) Buy Now and Pay Less! (3) Read Now to Pay Only $99. These three subject lines inspire exclusivity.  Customers want to know HOW so they open the message.

You only have a split-second to get their attention.  Those who scan their email messages only open a few. Write a subject line that will ensure that your messages are read.  There’s more to learn about connecting with your customers and personalizing your marketing campaigns. Join us at Online Sales Pro and read a relevant marketing guide that tells you more about this topic – “Email Marketing Secrets.”  It’s no secret, though, that it all starts with the subject line.

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