How to Boost Signups While Adding Value to Your Blog

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On December 12, 2017

Your lead magnet is what entices people to sign up for your email list, so it needs to appeal to a wide variety of people. Often business owners miss out on subscribers simply because they weren’t interested in the moment in what was on offer. What if there was a better way? There is.
You can create very specific lead magnets that will appeal greatly to the exact people who are reading your blog post and get them to sign up. Not only do you have a fail-proof way to capture those emails, you’ll be getting a higher quality subscriber, too.
How does it work? It’s very simple.

Create Your Lead Magnet

Look back over your most popular blog posts. What can you add to them to give your readers more value? The comments can give you some hints here since people will ask questions in the comments. Could you create a lead magnet that would help them?
Once you have an idea of what to offer, create your unique lead magnet. It will be specific to that blog post. For example, you might offer a printable budget worksheet or an Excel template on a post about budgeting. A blog post on traveling to Spain could be enhanced with a printable list of essential phrases or a customized map to download.
These lead magnets don’t have to be huge. In fact, keeping them nice and simple means you can create one for each of your biggest posts.

Get Readers to Sign Up

Once you have the lead magnet ready, set up a sign up form just for that download. You’ll repeat this with each specialized lead magnet on each post that you want to add a signup form to. In some cases, the same freebie can be offered on more than one post, but usually, you’ll have just one spot where it can be offered.
As people read your posts, they’ll either lose interest and click away, or read to the bottom of the post. If they get to the end of the post, they’re definitely interested in the topic, so having a bonus for them to sign up for is a great way to collect email addresses. In addition, you know they’re genuinely interested in your content.
These posts are the ones you should be promoting on social media and linking to in other posts. Both internal and external links are essential for building up the traffic to your biggest posts, where you can capture emails.

What Now?

Once you have built up a solid list of email subscribers, you have a captive audience, ready to listen to whatever you have to say to them. Email marketing is about far more than just sending out deals and sales letters, though.
Your email list is gold, so make sure you treat your subscribers well. They need to know that you respect them. This means you should offer quality information and value in your email newsletters to keep them opening the emails.


The specialized lead magnets for your blog will continue to pull in subscribers over time. It’s a good idea to keep them to evergreen posts – ones that don’t lose relevance over time, that endure despite fads and trends, and always appear “fresh” to readers.  That way people will keep finding them years down the road and signing up for the freebies.
Just this one tip can help transform the way you do email marketing and can drastically boost your small business sales. Give it a try!

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