Whatever . . . I'm Late Anyway

Written by admin

On December 16, 2019

Or . . . I’m on Beach Time.  Or . . . I’m retired. Or . . . I’m on break.  The clock’s numbers are all in a heap at the bottom of the clock, making it obvious that no one is taking time seriously.  Not cool.  It doesn’t matter what excuse one uses, being timely is a better way to be.  What is it about today’s world? It seems as though we’re always scrambling, always running a tad bit late, or always waiting for someone.  What are some tips about having a higher regard for time?

Knowing the Time

First of all, keep track of your appointments and events.  When you have several, it’s easy to transpose details. It doesn’t count if you are at the wrong place at the right time, or even at the right place at the wrong time.  Not only is it important to focus on the start-time, but also have an end-time in mind. Otherwise, the rest of your day’s activities may be skewed if you stay too long.  

A good habit to adopt is to send a quick text to the one or ones joining you to verify that you will be at such-and-such a place at such-and-such a time.  That often serves as a reminder to folks of the where and when of it all. Knowing keeps you from running.

Being Ready on Time

Plan ahead.  Keep an eye on when you are to arrive and then plan backward.  Consider the time of the day. How long will it take to make the drive?  A trip that may take 20 minutes when there is little traffic may take twice that during rush hour.  Once you have figured out how many minutes you will be in the car, add another five. If you plan it right, you might even be there early.

One habit that keeps many running late is the compulsion to do one more thing before leaving.  Even if that task takes just five minutes, that might push you into thicker traffic, so that five minutes lost becomes ten.  If you do not have twice the time you need to complete that one last task, don’t bother. Just get in the car for a more leisurely ride.  Planning keeps you from running. 

Getting There on Time

A cheery hello and a positive start to a meeting or event happens when you’re on time.  When you race around trying to beat time, your visit can go south right from the start. For one thing, it’s just plain rude to keep someone waiting, whether the person is family, friend, or business associate.  Instead of spending the first few minutes apologizing for your lateness, you can avoid feeling flustered and anxious and just settle in comfortably to whatever you two are doing. Lunch even tastes better when you’re on time to order it.  Being on time keeps you from running.

Time really does matter.  We are actually defined by time.  We set up the days of our lives with routines and practices, and if we are not careful, time can get away from us.  That can happen to your potential customers, too. They can get away from you. They need to be contacted on time so their interest in your product or service does not wane.  

We’ve got a tool that will help you with that.  A potential customer says, “Hey, I’m interested” and fills out the form on your opt-in page.  That’s when the clock starts ticking. With Online Sales Pro, you can get in touch right away by setting up an immediate message that is sent out automatically. 

By linking OSP with your Email Service Provider, you can send out broadcast messages to your list, update your customers with anything new, or share information about a sales event.  You can send leads a follow-up series of messages, letting potential customers know more about your product or service in each one. Space them out every couple of days to pique their interest. OSP helps you to stay in touch with your customers in a timely fashion.

That’s what we do.  We help you stay on time.  Make full use of what we offer and stay connected with those on your list.  Manage your leads with OSP and there’s no “whatever” in your marketing plan!  

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