Pinterest Group Boards: How to Grow Your Reach Instantly

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On December 4, 2017

Is your audience primarily women? Do you have a Pinterest account for your business?
Pinterest is an excellent network for lead generation, particularly if your target audience is female. However, many businesses that use the site stick to the basics and pin their own posts, then move on. There’s a better a way to get traffic, and it’s a game changer.

What Are Pinterest Group Boards?

When you set up a board in Pinterest, you can add as many people as you like to it. This turns a regular board into a group board. These group boards can be found all over Pinterest in a wide range of topics, including plenty of business-themed ones.
The value in these group boards is the sheer number of followers. While a board that is just starting out will not have a lot of people, it doesn’t take long for these boards to grow. Some have hundreds of thousands of followers, which means your pins will instantly get thousands of views as soon as you post.

Before You Begin

If you don’t already have your business Pinterest account set up, you should do this before you start to apply to boards. You’ll need to change your account to business if you have a personal one, or simply add a new account. Once you do this, sign up for Rich Pins, which will include your business information on every pin, no matter who pins it.
You should also set up at least 10 boards if you don’t already have some, and pin a minimum of 25-30 relevant, quality pins to each one. Make sure you have a board for your own content, as well.
Finally, make sure all your boards have cover images. These don’t have to be fancy, but you do need them if you want to be taken seriously. Simply click on the edit icon for each board and select a cover photo from the pins.

Finding and Applying to Group Boards

It’s relatively simple to find group boards. If you go through the top influencers in your niche, you’ll often find that they belong to a number of these boards. Chances are, some of them will be relevant to your business. Ideally, the group boards will be spam-free, high quality, and have several thousand followers, if not more.
“Like” the boards you want to join and their creators. Most boards will let you know in the description how to apply to be a part of the group. If not, you can click through to the creator’s profile, find a blog with contact information, and send your request to be allowed in. It can take a bit to get approved, so be patient. Remember, this is going to be the ultimate lead generation tool.

How to Make Full Use of Group Boards

Once you’ve managed to get into a few group boards, you will need to set up a regular schedule to add to them. Most boards have rules about how often you can post, but even if there is unlimited posting allowed, you really don’t want to look spammy. Add one pin per day, per board.
Your pins should mostly be from your own website and need to have impactful images. Test a few different styles to see which ones perform better, but keep in mind that vertical pins do far better than horizontal ones.
Don’t forget to share any pins that you feel your followers would like from the boards you are part of. This will help expand the views of the group board and increases visibility for everyone.
You’ll quickly see a difference in the amount of clickthroughs you get. When it comes to lead generation, posting a great pin about a lead magnet is helpful. Pin it to a group board, however, where over 10,000 people see it, and you have an instant audience.


Since Pinterest is such an amazing traffic tool, it’s important to use it wisely. Be careful only to share content that your ideal audience would love. Never pin spam, and make excellent use of the Pinterest group boards for lead generation. You’ll be surprised at how fast your email list grows.

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