Don't Do That!

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On October 4, 2019

Perhaps mountains are your thing, and you’re an expert at climbing them.  You might scale a cliff every weekend as your sport. Most people, though, would probably never even think of spelunking, worried about a slip and a fall.  Ever wonder what successful people write on their list of things they won’t do? Clinical psychologist and author, Dr. Henry Cloud, researched this very topic and discovered what successful people steer clear of.  Let’s take a look at some of these and compare notes.

Going Against Your Grain

Often in life, we go with the flow, hoping to fit in, trying to please those who matter in our lives.  Doing that is not being true to you. It’s not worth it trying to be like others, to be what you are not.  If that goes on for years, you may even forget who you are. What is the result? You might lose a sense of yourself and not be who you could have been.  TIP:  Hold on tightly to who you are.

Looking Short-Term

We are encouraged to live in the moment, to seize the day, not knowing what tomorrow will bring.  That sounds well and good, but it shouldn’t be part of your important decisions about life goals. Regrettably when we focus on the short-term benefits, we may lose our grasp on the long-term gains.  Those who are successful in life and business look beyond what they are doing now in order to reach future goals. TIP:  Focus on the future to create a brighter tomorrow.

Ignoring Gut Reactions

It’s almost as though we have some kind of meter inside.  We have a gut reaction. Sometimes we just get a sense that someone isn’t who they say they are.  Their promises seem too perfect. It just doesn’t seem right. If you meet someone or hear of a scheme that doesn’t settle well with you, then don’t settle!  Pay close attention to those nudges of skepticism and doubt. TIP:  Follow your hunches. 

Trying to Change Others

People are who they are.  Don’t try to change them. Even though your advice may be based on everything you’ve learned along the way, remember that other people have spent their lives learning, too.  They may have focused on different lessons to become who they are, and that’s the way you should leave it. Even if someone promises a change in behavior or habit, don’t assume that the change will be permanent.  It’s very hard to change, and comments and advice-giving usually aren’t appreciated. TIP:  Love them the way they are.

Doing It the Same Way

We get comfortable with what we know and what we do.  What if our efforts backfire and move us backward rather than forward?  It’s best not to do that again. Tweak it. Learn from what went wrong to get closer to what will go right.  You know the maxim, “Insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting different results.” When you do something exactly the same way, more likely than not, you’ll get the same results.  Try something new. Put some adventure into your steps. TIP:  Move forward with a new plan.

Those are some of the things that successful people have learned not to do.  We can all learn from the wisdom found in their tips. Here’s something that successful people have learned to do.  To use a lead generation tool for their online marketing. Give Online Sales Pro a try to see why they suggest it.  You want to be more successful? TIP:  Use the OSP platform to collect leads and optimize your online sales.  

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