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On November 12, 2019

We all base our decisions on information we have on hand.  What if that information is not current? We could make some wrong turns with our business if the information we have is ROT – Redundant, Out-of-date, or Trivial.  Of the three, the one that is the most detrimental to wise decision-making is when information is out-of-date. How can we find the most current information, especially when our search is on the Internet?

Check the Date

How often do you go through your fridge or cupboard to check expiration dates on products?  We’ve probably all been guilty – at least once – of eating something that had gone beyond usefulness only for us to end up with a sour tummy.  That may also be the case online. We do a quick search using the Internet to verify a point, only later to discover that 77% of the companies out there have “expired” information on their sites.

The proof of currency on a website is often in teeny-tiny print at the bottom of the page, so be sure to check that.  Put on a Journalist’s Beret and make a serious search to uncover the most relevant and up-to-date information. Most of the time, we are not interested in history when it comes to finding information – so seek currency first.

Check the Source

Not all sources are created equal.  If you type some keywords about a topic of interest, the first sources are often commercial ventures.  In other words, they want to sell you something. Should you just be looking for facts, dig down through the layers and pay closer attention to those sites which end in .org or .gov rather than .com.  Not to say that sales ventures are anchored in duplicity or the stretching of facts. Not so at all.

But if you want just the cold, hard facts, get out the Inspector’s Magnifying Glass and get as close to the source as possible.  Most of the time, we are not interested in a purchase when it comes to finding information – so seek details first.

Check the Rationale

Perhaps the easier check is your rationale.  Why do you need this information? Is it a simple search just to win an argument – or do you need an in-depth discussion of the pros and cons of a topic?  The answer will determine the depth and breadth of your search for an answer.

Now for the more complicated rationale:  why is this information available to you in the form its in?  Determine who it would be benefitting and why. Rationale is carefully linked with what information is included and what is not.  Rationale also reveals the bias of the presenter. No matter the site, there’s always some sort of bias. Put on a Judge’s Robes to determine the motive.  Most of the time, we so easily believe what we read when it comes to finding information – so seek accuracy first.

The good news is that the information about Online Sales Pro is neither Redundant, Out-of-date, or Trivial!  You can base your decision to launch your business to the online world knowing that you can generate leads and build an email list through this web and mobile app.  No sense struggling with dinosaur techniques. Check out Online Sales Pro to build your business with just a computer or a phone. 

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